How We Work:

We no longer buy from customers; we now buy from other sources.


If we feel something may possibly be "too weird" or "too different," chances are we will absolutely fall in love with that item! We take pride in our unique patterns and prints, our crazy shoe styles, and all things to look at and say,

" Wow! That is a rare find! "

After all, a thrift shop wouldn't be a true "thrift" shop if you could easily find these beautiful gems all over!


We are seasonal and we base our buying on style only!

(we do not base our buying from certain brands or if the item is brand new, tags attached).

Each piece is carefully hand-picked by the owner,

Tiffani Serafin, and is checked for cleanliness, stains, rips, holes, and any damage performed on the item; we are super selective with our buying.

Our inventory consists of modern and vintage --

the more funky, the better!!

(we try to stay away from basic)

Progress sells styles from the 1920's to today, making it wonderful for those stuck in the "old fashioned" decades, and making it fun for those looking for a simple costume!


We sell clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories for

little girls (kids/youth), teens/young adults, women, and plus size women.

About The Styles We Carry: